30 July 2021
It's expected for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

It’s expected for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Microsoftoffice software of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint much awaited for transfer sounds feature. Many users won’t have to deal with the tertiary tools and Office and PowerPoint they use to turn their documents into presentations.

There were already several methods for converting a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. To use one of these methods, many steps were required in Word. As an alternative to this method, tertiary tools and websites were used.

New export feature for Word and PowerPoint

With the new Office 365 feature, the integration between Microsoft office software will expand. Thanks to the feature available to some users as early access, Word documents can be easily converted into a PowerPoint presentation. Pages created by users will correspond to a slide page in PowerPoint.

Word from document PowerPoint to your presentation transfer right now Office 365Available in web version of. In the document to be turned into a slide, it is necessary to go to the File> Transform tab. In this tab, users are presented with a preview of the slide and options for the visual style to be applied. The file is then saved to the user’s OneDrive.

word and powerpoint export

It is stated that the feature currently works on English documents and is not compatible with all browsers. Incompatible browsers include Internet Explorer and Safari. The feature, which is still under development, is expected to reach all users in the near future. There is no information yet on whether the feature will be used in desktop versions of the application.

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