14 April 2021
It's time to open a site!  Discount on .com domain name

It’s time to open a site! Discount on .com domain name

With website building on the internet increasingly trending, do you want to create a simple blog page, share information about your hobbies and be a great blogger? Or is your career more in the field of business and, like many people, you have a desire to be the boss of your own business? All of these examples can be increased and increased. When you want to set up a website online, determine your needs lists and reduce costs as much as possible.

Web site setup is one of the simplest processes when you want to translate your idea into concrete examples in the internet environment where you want to take a step to be a hobbyist or a business person. At this stage, what will come your way is choosing a hosting company.

What Do You Need To Open A Website?

From the moment you want to start a business online or create a simple WordPress-based website, there are 2 products you need:

– Domain name
– Web Hosting

How to Get a Domain Name?

You should first determine your name for a website you want to set up for hobby purposes or for a business-oriented website setup. The important thing will be to identify your name and start website publishing with an attention-grabbing name. In this sense, you can buy one of the com, net, org domains when you have your idea exactly as your needs are determined and your target audience will remember it.

Com, net and org domains are now in the campaign at Güzel Hosting! You can buy any of these domain name extensions at very affordable prices. You can directly purchase a .com domain name for a website where you have a business idea on a blog website or a hobby site.

For a domain name that you would normally purchase for hundreds of dollars On March 15, .com domain name is paid by Güzel Hosting for $ 3.99 + VAT. you can buy! With a great campaign, you have the advantage of purchasing domains at very affordable prices and have determined your name, which is the most important step of your website, with the best price offers! But hurry on March 15, only 2500 stocks are available.

How to Choose Web Hosting?

In order to set up a website, the second step will be to get a hosting service that suits your needs. Web hosting is a service that is the infrastructure of your website that you will set up, and it is a structure that is necessary for you to take your place on the internet.

You can share your information, hobbies or work with your website, give information about what you offer or share your work with people who visit your site, potential customers or similar people. In this step, your website should be opened quickly, have a good design and be easy to use. At this point, with your domain name company selection, you can get a hosting service from the same company and make choices according to your needs.

In the field of web hosting, you will be faced with Windows Hosting services or Linux Hosting services. In this sense, you can choose a structure according to the software you will install. Güzel Hosting’s Linux hosting https://www.guzel.net.tr/hosting.php You can reach Windows Hosting services from https://www.guzel.net.tr/turkiye-windowswebhosting.php You can access from. While making your choices, you can get information by researching the suitability of your web design infrastructure and by making the right choices in this way, you can have the infrastructure for a very well-designed, professional website that looks simple.

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