1 August 2021
It's time to say goodbye to Periscope!  Being unplugged

It’s time to say goodbye to Periscope! Being unplugged

Live broadcast application of Periscope For the end of the road appeared. The application purchased by Twitter six years ago; had turned the Twitter platform into an alternative media outlet for a period. In recent years, instead of the application that has been used for different purposes, Twitter Live feature comes into play.

An era is closing! It’s time to say goodbye to Periscope

Social media application Twitter, last year in December in a statement: The truth is gIn the last few years, the use of the application has decreased; We have seen and we know that the cost of implementation will continue to increase over time.After the statements; application Mart Although it will not be completely closed until 6th month, the company appeared to be blocking new account registrations.

In the statement made by the company: ” As of March 31, 2021, we are ending Periscope iOS and Android applications. Periscope web, on the other hand, offers public broadcasts at periscope.tv; It can be used as a read-only archive. However, as of this date, they will not be able to create a new account; You will not be able to broadcast live or buy tokens. Thank you for being a dynamic part of our Periscope community. We look forward to your participation in the conversations on Twitter. “Statements were included.


It’s time to say goodbye to Periscope

If users want to broadcast on Twitter, Tweet by selecting the in-app camera icon in the compose window Twitter Live they can open the broadcast. However, publishers and influencers, Media Studio ‘They can go live on Twitter using the.

The company also made statements about the tokens that users do not use: “After live streams ended on March 31, 2021, the ability to use tokens to send Super Hearts to your favorite streamers will no longer be available.” said

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