4 August 2021
It's time to take out your old Samsung phones

It’s time to take out your old Samsung phones

Samsung, SmartThings ex through app Galaxy your phone children’s radio or light sensor introduces a new feature to help you use it.

Accordingly, SmartThings app to turn it into a smart device microphones and sound sensors capable of using phone sensors such as SmartThings Labs It will have a new function named.

You will be able to keep your spare phone with your baby

The application using artificial intelligence baby cry, Dog’s barking, cat meow or door knock It will be able to identify sounds such as and send an alert directly to the user’s smartphone. Also, the other party will be able to listen to the recorded sound.

This is not a completely new function. as you will remember Apple, It introduced a similar capability for voice detection alerts with iOS 14. However Galaxy Upcycling The advantage of the program is seen as being able to keep your spare phone with your baby.

Thanks to the new feature a lighted monitor You can also use it as a control and use it to control the lighting in your living room or turn on the TV. Also, SmartThing You can manage other devices connected to its network.

Since these are older devices that were only used for a few tasks, Samsung will also release an update to devices suitable for battery optimization.

“Galaxy Home Upcycling” feature, Android 9 Available on all S, Note and Z series released from 2018 running versions or later. The company also stated that it aims to include more devices in this program in the future.

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