23 July 2021
Juho Sarvikas resigns from Nokia!

Juho Sarvikas resigns from Nokia!

Things are not going very well at Nokia, this time a news of resignation came from the company, which announced that 10 thousand employees will be fired last weeks. Having an important role in the rebirth of the brand, Juho Sarvikasannounced that he was leaving the company.

Of the company Will be held on April 8 Considering that it is a launch event, the timing of this separation does not seem right.

Nokia’s critical name Juho Sarvikas leaves the company

Chief Product Officer of the company and Deputy Manager of the North American market Juho SarvikasAnnounced that he was leaving the company from his Twitter account. He used the following expressions in his post:

“After a great 15 years with Nokia and HMD, I made a tough decision, it’s time to move forward. I am very proud of what we have accomplished together and I know HMD & Nokia phones will continue to be successful. Follow @ nokiamobile for news on Nokia. Thanks for everything.”

Within the company Working for 15 years Juho Sarvikas resigned at an unexpected time. Being late on flagship phones like the Nokia 8 was one of his bad moves in recent years. Despite this, he was one of Nokia’s prominent figures, and the company was preparing to take future steps, such as 5G operations.

Nokia is not the only company that lost an important name this week, Xiaomi’s Finance Director recently announced that it has switched to ByteDance. Since Juho Sarvikas has not made any changes to his Twitter biography and LinkedIn profile, we do not know which company he will be assigned to.

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