4 August 2021
Karsan Landing in Ukraine!  - ShiftDelete.Net

Karsan Landing in Ukraine! – ShiftDelete.Net

Providing modern public transportation solutions in line with the mobility needs of the age Karsancontinues to be a role model in the transportation of world cities with its product range. Finally, in the development of transport infrastructures Ukraineheld in the city of Kharkiv, International Mintrans Forum’a Is and Attack Karsan participating with its models, Kharkiv City Council signed a cooperation agreement with.

Karsan will support the transportation infrastructure, which will be strengthened within the scope of the modernization of the city of Kharkiv, with its knowledge and product range, and will have a say in the public transportation vehicle investment to be made in the city. Sharing thoughts after the contract Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhovwithin the scope of investment 500 vehicle purchase that it was planned, The first 150 of 6 and 8 meter vehicles stated that they will be acquired within this year and they want to cooperate with Karsan in this direction.

150 Gestures and Attack Orders from Ukraine to Karsan!

Within the scope of the contract, it is aimed that Karsan will play a role in the improvement of Kharkiv transportation infrastructure and that the Karsan product family will be included in the city’s transportation network. Making a statement after the cooperation agreement, Kharkiv Deputy Mayor Igor Terekhov emphasized that they want to prefer vehicles that are ideally used, fuel-efficient and meet European emission standards in periods when transportation is both intense and infrequent.

Karsan Ukraine agreement

Kharkiv Deputy Mayor Igor Terekhov – Karsan CEO Okan Chief

Ukraine Kharkiv City Council Collaborating with Karsan CEO Okan Baş He made the following statements on the subject:

“Karsan’s vision of the future is a source of inspiration for many developed and developing cities of Europe with the product range it offers. We continue to be noticed with our innovative and technological product range that meets transportation needs. We are also excited to contribute to the transportation infrastructure of a developing city in Ukraine such as Kharkiv.

We believe that our 6-meter-class Jest and 8-meter-class Atak vehicles will provide the optimum contribution in the changing instant traffic conditions of the city with their performance and economical use. In this context, we agreed with our Ukrainian business partner MDG that 150 Jest and Attack vehicles will be delivered from July to October. In the following period, depending on the potential in the Ukrainian market, we are evaluating the issue of making production investments in Kharkiv in detail.

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