30 July 2021
Kids use YouTube was opened in Turkey

Kids use YouTube was opened in Turkey

Popular video viewing platform YouTube, It appeals to young people as well as adults. The site is visited by millions of children around the world every day. Unfortunately for these children, those who cannot provide adequate protection Google, remedy for minors YouTube Kids’i has found developing.

For a while ABD and Europe’The platform, which is active in Turkey, was finally opened to use in our country. Family friend YouTube Kidsas of April 20, 2021, with rich content to help support children’s willingness and curiosity to explore In Turkey published.

What is YouTube Kids, what does it promise?

Up to the present In 106 countries, in 44 different languages used by families and children YouTube Kids It is a separate application that appeals to younger viewers. YouTube ‘and which is a separate platform YouTube Kids, It has a special website and application. Aiming to provide a safer digital experience, the platform provides filtered and safe videos for kids. With this application, the company aims to protect children while at the same time preventing parents from worrying about the content.

YouTube Kids

Children, YouTube Kids’de With the channels and playlists in the categories listed, it has the opportunity to securely access brand new content. Within the platform learning, hobbies, arts, crafts, YouTubers, family vloggers, music & dance toy and game contains categories such as.

Parents, “Approved Content OnlyUsing the ”mode, they can select the videos, channels or collections they want their children to watch. In this way YouTube KidsIn addition to the filters of, you can create your own filters. If this mode is preferred, children cannot access the in-app search feature.

YouTube Kids It also allows you to personalize by blocking the content you see fit. If a video or channel is blocked, it no longer appears in the account. The timer on the platform allows you to limit the time spent in front of the screen by telling the children that the viewing time is over.

YouTube Kids

Content available on the platform


Turkey produces children’s brands, comedy specialist grafi2000; With Kral Şakir, while experiencing the activity of YouTube in the children’s world with different contents, it also provides different gains to the audience and the sector.


He is a local animated character who started to appear on the screens in 2013. “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why is the onion making people cry?” looking for answers to such interesting questions. He is quite surprised by many things that are commonplace to everyone. He makes mistakes just like our children. Although Niloya sometimes cannot admit her mistakes, she always learns from her experiences.


Cute friends are among the popular Youtube channel of Turkey with about 6 million subscribers. He tells the daily stories of Mert, Nil, Unutkan Balık and Şaşkın Ördek in an educational and entertaining language.


Turkey’s beloved fairy tale animation channel Adisebab Masala in 21 languages ​​and reaches to all children of the world with over 40 million subscribers. Adisebaba Tales appealing to ages 3-12 include fables, classic children’s tales and princess fairy tales.


The friend of parents and children, Düşyeri produces products and services to every channel where children take part in a massive manner. First Düşyer recognized by Pepe Ali Sabanci in Turkey, Ali Koc, Begum is a social venture that far ahead of many people from business partners, such as the nature.


Tonguç Academy continues to grow day and night with the support of hundreds of thousands of students since the first lesson, with the motto “If Tonguç understands, everybody will understand”. It prepares its contents in accordance with the current education curriculum. It meets the learning, repetition and reinforcement needs of the lessons with the understanding of digital education with the trainings prepared for students of all levels from the first to the eighth grade.


Fauna, a children’s entertainment company, strives to create brands that reach millions with stories that touch the hearts. He started his first adventure with Kukuli on YouTube in 2013, thereby communicating with children around music, games and entertainment.

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