30 July 2021
Kuzgun Acar was a doodle on Google

Kuzgun Acar was a doodle on Google

Doodles, a feature that Google has put into use on special occasions, has become a tradition for the company. This feature that we come across from time to time important events and anniversaries It makes reminders about. Turkish sculptor Kuzgun Acar There was a doodle on his 93rd birthday. So who is Kuzgun Acar?

Who is Kuzgun Acar? 93. birthday was a doodle

Full name Find a different Abdülahet Kuzgun Çetin Acar Turkish sculptor, who has created many works throughout his life. As the son of Ayşe Zehra Hanım and Nazmi Acar Bey, whose origin is Libya February 28, 1928 The artist, who was born in Istanbul, had a youth full of financial problems. The artist, who graduated from Sultanhahmet Commercial High School in a difficult period, entered the Istanbul Fine Arts Academy in 1948. There he became a student of Rudolf Belling, another important figure in the art of sculpture. Later, he moved to Ali Hadi Bara and Zühtü Müridoğlu’s workshop and completed his education there.

Kuzgun acar works

After graduating in 1953 iron, nails, wire and wood He started to produce his own works using materials. When one of the nail sculptures he produced won first place at the Paris Biennial in 1961, he succeeded in attracting the attention of other famous artists. The first place he won was a turning point in his life, after which he went to France in 1962 with the scholarship he won. Paris Museum of Modern ArtHe opened an exhibition in. In the exhibition he opened, one or two of his designs and one of his works were bought by the museum.

Kuzgun Acar, who devoted his life to art, On February 4, 1976 fell off the stairs and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died. It has not been forgotten by Google after 93 years since the artist’s birth.

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