23 July 2021
KVKK started a review on Facebook ex officio

KVKK started a review on Facebook ex officio

Regarding Facebook, which has come to the fore with a major data leak in the past days, the Personal Data Protection Board has initiated an investigation ex officio. From 533 million much Facebook of the user personal Taking action with the free publication of its information, the organization deepens its research on the event.

Telephone number, place of birth, birth historical, Facebook ID number and e-mail The leak, which includes personal information such as personal information, caused massive data loss in all countries of the world.

The danger is huge: 533 million user data was stolen

According to the information revealed about the attack 32 million ABD, 11 million Data of 533 million users from 106 countries, mainly the UK and 6 million India, were stolen. also 19.638.821 The information of the Turkish user is also included in the published database.

Cyber ​​intelligence firm Alon Gal, CTO of Hudson Rock In his speech about the scandal experienced “Social engineering attacks will increase due to the published leak. We also think that many people will be hacked or suffer financial damage due to these leaks ” said.

Facebook human rights

Saying that the information is published free of charge, Alon Gal, “It seems like Facebook won’t be able to help with users whose information has been leaked. However, the company needs to alert users of possible fraud and hacking attempts ” made the statement.

The information released for free brought to mind the leaked information by taking advantage of the Facebook vulnerability in 2019. Although Facebook states that they have closed the gap, some analysts think that the published information was obtained with a vulnerability similar to the one in 2019.

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