1 August 2021
Latest trailer for Black Widow released

Latest trailer for Black Widow released

Black Widow The last trailer for the movie was released. The last trailer came from the movie, which was also clear when it will be released last week. Along with the trailer, the main character (Natasha RomanoffThe aim of Taskmaster, his arch-enemy, was also revealed. In the trailer, the action-packed scene between Taskmaster and Natasha draws attention.

Taskmaster sent to destroy Natasha

In the introduction of the released trailer, we see the scenes of Natasha in previous films. Then we are shown a profitable region for a short time. Natasha He meets his sister in the apartment. In the movie Natashas sister, father and mother. In the trailer Natasha and her sister We also see his childhood. Taskmaster was shown in detail to the audience in this trailer.

Towards the end of the trailer Taskmaster’sAppears to be using a bow and arrow to stop the vehicle where Natasha and her sister are. The second half of the trailer is full of action scenes, which means that action-packed scenes await us in the movie. Black Widow film, Captain America: Civil War with Avengers Infinity War It will take place in a 2-year period between films. At the end of the trailer we are known Avengers your music Rus we hear the version. Black Widow film 9 July 2021‘from Disney +’Premier Access”Will be broadcast to its subscribers and cinemas.

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