19 June 2021
Layers of Fear PlayStation VR'a geliyor

Layers of Fear PlayStation VR’a geliyor

Bloober Team developed by Layers of Fear, In April PlayStation VRComing to. The game is already Oculus and HTC Vive VR can be played on sets. Bloober Team press release, Layers of Fear PS VR portunun He notes that it is “a continuation of the company’s strategy to bring horror games to popular VR platforms.”

Layers of Fear is coming to PlayStation VR on April 29

Another game of the Bloober Team, Blair Witch also came to VR platforms. The game is in October VR eye Quest debuted on the platform. Layers of Fear comes to PS VR. It means that Blair Witch will come to PS VR in the future. Layers of Fear 29 Nisan‘gives PS VRComing to. There is a considerable audience of players who love horror games. While playing a horror game on a PC or PS is hard enough, the VR version of it is even harder. Because horror games take a scary turn in VR due to the atmosphere they host.

Moreover Layers of Fear A psychological horror game does not jump into your head like other horror games. VR version of the game will be indispensable for those who love horror games. Bloober Team, last year’s The Medium After his game, he is working on a new project with a very famous publisher. It was not specified who the publisher they worked with and what the project was. They keep this information secret.

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