21 April 2021
Lenovo Legion 2 Pro appeared in specifications

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro appeared in specifications

Lenovo new game phone coming soon Legion 2 Pro Preparing to be released with the model. Today In the Geekbench test The resulting device has revealed its hardware features.

Expected phone, released last year Legion Duel will be the continuation of the model. Last week Chen Jing, general manager of Lenovo It increased the expectations about the device. “The world’s most powerful, innovative and coolest gaming phone is coming“He excited the authorized players a lot. The technical features that have emerged now also seem to support this ambitious announcement.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro appeared in Geekbench test

Appearing in the Geekbench database Lenovo Legion 2 Pro according to the details in the list Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset to be strengthened with. 16GB RAM model verified to be capable Android 11 It will open with the operating system. The model, which scored 1130 points from the single-core test of the platform, was evaluated with 3779 points rather than multi-core tests.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro

The details on Geekbench about the game-oriented phone model Lenovo Legion 2 Pro are limited to these. But Chen Jin a few weeks ago, the device in question a real breakthrough in heat dissipation He said he would do it. On the phone TSI Frost Blade with dual liquid cooling system technology was learned to be used. Real-time monitoring of heating on the phone and activating the cooling system 14 temperature sensors takes place. In this way, even if you play mobile games for long hours, there is no You do not have a warming problem is aimed.

For now, it is not announced when Lenovo will introduce this phone. That’s why we have to wait a while to get more technical details. What are your expectations from this device according to the available data? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!

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