23 July 2021
LG has firmly denied the allegations regarding Rollable - ShiftDelete.Net

LG has firmly denied the allegations regarding Rollable – ShiftDelete.Net

LG Electoronics, phone with resizable screen LG Rollable made a statement about the allegations of suspension. While the firm firmly denied the allegations that the phone was put on hold, it did not provide any exact information about the possible release date.

No delay for LG Rollable

About the subject The Verge’ye speaking one LG spokesperson said, “There is such a decision regarding future mobile products. I can definitely refuse” said. Explanation Yonhap News’in, LG’nin to parts suppliers Rollable’ın is put on hold and for development efforts refund He said they would demand to report came in response. While denying that a final decision has been made is not the same as reassuring the phone will arrive in 2021, it may reflect the general uncertainty regarding the design, manufacture and deployment of a complex system during a global pandemic. Hence this Yonhap News’e the report may be to some extent true.

LG also January He firmly denied the news that he was planning to quit the smartphone business in February. TheElec It was stated in the news shared by LG that LG was considering quitting smartphones and then returned from this decision.


Samsung or Huawei struggling to compete with smartphone manufacturers such as LG, about the last five years 4.5 billion He suffered a high loss of money like dollars. But LG Wing’in to prove that it is not the last unique phone design the company has released Rollable is preparing to return with. When the phone will arrive remains uncertain.

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