1 August 2021
LG promised for Android updates- ShiftDelete.Net

LG promised for Android updates- ShiftDelete.Net

Explaining that it has ended phone production in the past days LG, will come to the phones in the market Android He promised not to hinder his updates. The decision of the company, which will continue to publish updates for three years, lies in the relief of its hand due to its lack of production.

LG Android updates will change model model

Confirming that it will completely withdraw from the phone manufacturing business earlier this week LG, commitment to release future Android OS updates to their smartphones on the market announced. Velvet, Wing, G ve V series phones, starting with 2019 or later versions, depending on the year they were released three Android will get the update. LG Stylo and K If phones like the series 2020 models to will receive update.


For example, Velvet last year Android 10 Released with, later Android 11 had received the update. Considering this commitment made by the company, the phones Android 12 and Android 13 It looks like it will get updates. Because the announcement includes various definitions such as a three-year commitment and three operating system update guarantees.

Not expected to receive this much update even when the smartphone is in the production business LG The announcement about their phones sounds quite surprising. The company announced a dedicated software upgrade center in 2018, but Android had changed little about the update status. also premium most of the phones 2021’in till the end Android 11 was not scheduled to receive the update. This shows that the update decisions are sudden.

2016 since 4.5 billion The dollar-losing firm had financial difficulties and the global market share in the smartphone industry 1,91 is Of 2020 it was clearly evident in the financial reports that came out at the end.

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