18 April 2021
LG's Android 11 update plan announced

LG’s Android 11 update plan announced

Android 11 update Although it came out months ago LG only a small group of people can take advantage of their phones. However, an update plan has finally been created for LG’s seven smartphone models today. Access dates for the new software have been officially announced.

The LG company has always been known for late releasing software updates to its users. Six months have passed since the Android 11 update released in September; The Korean company has so far only been in the domestic market Velvet 5G to your phone and in the USA To the V60 series sent an update. But it soon became clear that some more devices could benefit from it.

LG phones that will receive Android 11 update

Today LG’s official German on site it was announced the expected table. Inside seven LG phones The program included details such as when the update is and when it will come. Those who see the list do not only see it in Germany, but also in other similar dates. In European countries It was hoped that it could be seen as well.

Android 11

The first LG phone to receive Android 11 update in Europe according to the table above Velvet 5G it will be. Device in April will get the expected software. In the second quarter of the year if G8X model will level up. Until the end of June at the latest The software is expected to reach this phone.

Will receive updates in the third quarter between phones LG Velvet 4G and G8S devices. These models July to September It will meet with Android 11 like. In the last quarter of the year if Wing, K52 and K42 Such interesting devices will refresh the operating system version.

However, the devices that will be released in the last quarter of the year will be old again before they can warm up to the update. Because if there is no setback, those months are new With Android 12 update we will meet. Unfortunately, LG users are always one step behind other phones due to operating system support.

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