18 April 2021
Linear Coin is coming to Binance!  What is LINA Coin?

Linear Coin is coming to Binance! What is LINA Coin?

Crypto currency exchange Binance today Linear (LINA) announced that it offers to its users. March 18 at 15:00 hours as investors According to Turkey LINA / BTC, LINA / BUSD and LINEN / USDT started trading on. With platform BNB with a 30 percent discount Opening for the Linear Token sale.

LINA Coin value increased by nearly 200 percent

The news that LINA will be listed on Binance in the morning had a great impact on the market. While social media is starting to talk about the crypto currency called Linear; An extraordinary increase was observed in the LINA value tables as well.

LINA Coin, which has increased its value by nearly 200 percent in the last 24 hours, is now $ 0.2974 has arrived. Market value $ 761,806,645 The coin found its market volume compared to yesterday. by 4712 percent rising up $ 680,407,266 came. Linear’s graphic that surprises everyone looks like this:


Lina Coin is on the rise.

What is LINA Coin?

LINA, which opens with unlimited liquidity and allows to create synthetic assets, is defined as the local crypto currency of the Linear protocol. The primary purpose of this cryptocurrency is to provide an advanced user experience with better scaling and higher speed thanks to the protocol’s cross-chain feature.

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