22 April 2021
Lithium-ion battery cost dropped by 97 percent

Lithium-ion battery cost dropped by 97 percent

Sony’s first lithium-ion batteries Years passed after his introduction. But battery technology did not change. Today, many electronic devices, lithium-ion batteries working with. Especially your smart phones and electric vehicles development to mind new battery technologies brings question marks about. But MIT’s lithium-ion battery cost According to a research he conducted about, we will continue our way with lithium-ion batteries for a long time.

Among the companies developing new battery technologies IBM There are also big companies such as.

Lithium-ion battery cost dropped by 97 percent

Many consumers from the slow development of battery technology complainant. Over the years smartphones and computersmade a significant progress. In addition electric vehicles With its popularization, battery technologies have become even more important. However, a MIT university made a researchlithium-ion batteries over the years that it has become significantly cheaper is showing.

Our way in battery technology With a 40-year-old product The biggest reason we keep going, of course cost. Battery cost since the first commercial lithium-ion battery, according to researchers’ results dropped 97 percent. But more importantly, this decline It happened much faster than expected to be. This is why automakers electric vehicle He explains to us that he has entered the market.

The development of electric vehicles, in a way to lithium-ion batteries we owe. One of the most important criteria for large companies is always cost has been. No company has a costly product end user does not want to market. But lithium-ion battery cost thought much faster than expected, many automakers “just” he started to say.

Although there has been a lot of research on battery cost before, none of them have been as detailed. Research by MIT is paremeter and criterion contains. In this way, in the years to come, the batteries cheapening potential we can also see.

Lithium-ion battery cost, in 2010 was $ 1183 per kilowatt. However, this value In 2020 $ 137 fell. Experts say that this cost For $ 93 by 2025 He states that he will fall. Additionally, according to Elon Musk, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y The efficiency of 2170-cell lithium-ion batteries developed with Panasonic for over 50 percent increase will show.

As a result, The reason we don’t see any other battery technology it’s actually not because the current technology doesn’t allow it. The main reason is that lithium-ion batteries become very financially attractive.

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