4 August 2021
Logitech Combo Touch Magic Keyboard'a alternetif oluyor

Logitech Combo Touch Magic Keyboard’a alternetif oluyor

New iPad ProAfter the introduction of Logitech, Announces the Magic Keyboard alternative. Logitech Combo Touch new generation of keyboard, removable keyboard and integrated trackpad system iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro It is expected to be a solid alternative for models.

Apple‘in iPad Pro After the M1-powered update announced for Logitech, 11 inç and 12.9 inch models introduced keyboard and trackpad accessories. Microsoft Surface a detachable backlit keyboard with a style support and trackpad, iPad Pro‘now Smart Connector will be connected via.

Logitech Combo Touch will include many features

Logitech also 10,2 in. ve 10,5 for iPads with a similar Combo Touch Besides the keyboard, 11 inches and 10,9 inç iPad Air in Folio Touchlaunched. Combo Touchslightly smaller than Folio Touch‘s keyboard will not be able to be removed.


Combo Touch It will support four different usage modes such as writing, viewing, drafting and reading. Oxford gray The corners of the keyboard, which will be presented in color, are also designed to protect against friction and scratches. Easy to charge and storage at the same time Apple Pencil‘in iPadIt also has an open side to keep it magnetically attached to.

Combo Touch, Logitech‘in 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be the first keyboard it will offer for Appleown Magic Keyboardwill be significantly cheaper than. 11 inch model $ 199.9, 12.9 inch model is 229,99 will be available from $. If apple $ 299 and $ 349 with a tag price like Magic Keyboardwill bring to the market. This is about 100 dollar means a savings. Combo Touchto other details of from here you can reach.

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