4 August 2021
Logitech G923 review: SDN office competes

Logitech G923 review: SDN office competes

Steering wheel sets, which aim to enrich the experience in car racing games, have appeared with improvements in each new model. Logitech August 2020It is assertive in terms of giving a real racing feel to the product it introduced in. Logitech G923 review In the video, we tested the device.

On the other hand, the device we open the box with, Asetto Corsa we experienced it with his game. Those in the office raced in the game with their own cars or vehicles they wanted to buy. In addition to the pleasure of racing in the simulation game, everyone using the product shared the experience provided by the steering set.

Logitech G923 review

Clutch on with pedal unit coming together steering kitdraws attention with its high material quality. Your product game given during experience and we conveyed it sincerely in the video. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

You can use this link to buy the product

Logitech G923 review As we mentioned in the video, the device TRUEFORCE working with the system. Working with powerful engines, the system allows the driver to even feel the ground of the road he is on. However, to benefit from this technology, TRUEFORCE compatible games you have to play.

The product, which is on sale for 399 dollars, is on the shelves in our country with a price of 4.600 TL. On the other hand, the gear kit does not come out of the box. If you want to use a gear, you have to purchase it separately.

Logitech G923 specifications

Technical characteristics of the steering wheel: 900O rotation, magnetic effect sensor, TRUEFORCE, overheat protection.

The physical properties of the steering wheel: 27 cm height, 26 cm width, 27.8 cm depth and 2.25 kilograms weight.

Pedal specifications: Non-linear brake pedal, patented carpet gripping system, textured heel grip, self-calibrated.

Pedal physical properties: 16.7 cm height, 42 cm width, 31 cm depth and 3.1 kilograms weight.

Requirements: Computers with Windows 7 or later operating system, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Seris X / S and One.

Box contents: Steering wheel, pedals, power supply and user documentation.

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