23 July 2021
Lowest 700 thousand TL (Mercedes C200 price list)

Lowest 700 thousand TL (Mercedes C200 price list)

Germany-based automaker Mercedes in April C200 made a raise to the series. Shown as one of the most ambitious models in its segment C200 The price of the series increased with the effect of the increase in the dollar and the pandemic. Mercedes C200 price list.

Standing out with its superior power and stylish design, the lowest equipped version of the model reached 700 thousand TL.

Mercedes C200 April price list

Mercedes C200 series, one of the most assertive vehicles of 2021 with its powerful performance and ergonomic design; It does incredible work with 184 horsepower. 1.497 Cc It also offers an enjoyable drive with its engine. Mercedes, new C200 with the series renewed the case and significantly improved the road holding. It also made great improvements on the suspension side. Mercedes C200 The April price list appeared with a raise.


C 200 4 Matic


The classic of the C200, With 4MATIC traction system the reference model has two package options. Package with AMG design features, one click according to Exclusive more expensive. However, we cannot go without saying that there are important similarities with the Exclusive package. Those who consider choosing this package should examine the design details in depth.

Recommended turnkey sales price: 715,000 TL

C200 4MATIC (Exclusive)

mercedes c200 4matic exclusive

C200 4MATIC (Exclusive Paket)

Featuring Exclusive interior and exterior design concepts and velvet mats, this package attracts the attention of Exclusive design lovers. According to AMG package cheaper We can consider it an advantage. Technical details do not change for the two models.

Recommended turnkey price: 699.500 TL

Mercedes C200 price

C200 diesel model The C200 D has two different packages like the gasoline model. In the AMG package of the diesel model, we see the design touches specific to the package. But C200 D with C200 4MATIC While there are technical differences between the models, there are no changes other than the design between the packages.

C200 d (Exclusive)

C 200 price

Mercedes C200 price list: C200 d AMG 699.500 TL.

We see interior and exterior design differences in the Exclusive package, which is cheaper than the AMG package. An important advantage is that this package is cheaper than AMG. After clarifying your design expectations from the vehicle, you should choose for these packages.

Recommended turnkey sales price: 699,500 TL

Mercedes C200 price list

Mercedes C200 April price list (Taken from the Brand’s website). The prefix price of C200 4MATIC Exclusive is 680.000 TL. 19 thousand TL raise came to the vehicle. C 200 d Exclusive Diesel became 699.500 TL with an increase of 15.500 TL. C 200 AMG Diesel increased from 680,000 TL to 715 thousand TL.

Mercedes C200 This is the table for the price list. However, although we do not see a price difference in diesel and gasoline options, changes in technical details are reflected in the list. The lower engine power of the diesel model is a detail to consider. However AMG and Exclusive packages Choosing between should be your priority. Because even if you decide on one of the two models, the design of the vehicle is up to your taste.

Current prices of all models from here you can have a look.

Mercedes C200 the price list is as you can see above. So what do you think about the price increase? Indicate in the comments.

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