19 April 2021
McAfee's creator accused of fraud - ShiftDelete.Net

McAfee’s creator accused of fraud – ShiftDelete.Net

Bearing his own surname, which he founded in 1987 antivirus program famous business person known for John McAfee accused of cryptocurrency fraud. US Department of Justice, McAfee and his adviser Jimmy Gale Watson Jr‘in money laundering schemes announced that he was charged with due.

Federal prosecutors John McAfee and his employee that they defraud people over cryptocurrencies expressed. Surprising everyone in the face of these scandalous allegations, McAfee’s millions of dollars commission from investors It turned out that they made fraudulent redirects to receive.

McAfee founder John McAfee to be tried for cryptocurrency fraud

John McAfee and financial adviser Jimmy Gale Watson Jr, by pumping cryptocurrency prices and lowering their value has been charged. Manipulation in the market names accused of performing and getting commission on it; It achieved its goals using McAfee’s high-follower Twitter account. US Department of JusticeThanks to these plans of McAfee and his accomplice More than $ 13 million claimed they had collected.

John McAfee

In very high amounts cheap altcoin The team that bought cryptocurrency, according to the details of the accusation, artificial as it was inflating. Then these altcoins from Twitter false and misleading Sharing somehow with his followers, McAfee was adding wealth to his wealth by using his power in social media.

McAfee’s adviser Jimmy Watson was arrested in the US state of Texas. It was learned that he would appear before the judge on Friday. John McAfee is tax evasion He has been in prison in Spain since last year for his crime. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) they declare that they will also sue two people facing serious charges.

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