21 April 2021
Meizu introduces new Flyme 9 interface

Meizu introduces new Flyme 9 interface

Android smartphone manufacturers, operating system Google’s He prefers to customize rather than leave it as he prepared. This situation is pure Android’e It is being made to add new features and designs. In this way, companies aim to make the operating system more interesting and user-friendly. One of these manufacturers Meizu, Flyme 9 introduced its interface and features.

Meizu Flyme 9, what’s new?

Today In china in the event Meizu Flyme 9 interface and especially for smart watches Flyme introduced the operating system. Meizu it has adopted a simpler design language just like other manufacturers. The new operating system comes with flatter icons and faster animations. The company that prefers a more pleasing lineup, new vehicles (widget) added. Users can customize these tools if they wish.

Added live wallpapers and rearranged notification center also among the innovations. Prompt and media volume controls are bigger in the new version. Thus, an easier control is aimed. Small window 3.0 feature provides better one-handed use by making applications smaller. At the same time, this small window can be turned into a balloon and left aside for later use.


Meizu, Flyme 9 He did not forget the gallery for him. For the standard gallery application, a new photo and video editing feature has arrived. In particular, the colorful notifications that come to distinguish the incoming notifications better seem to make it easier for the users. Security referring to the part of Meizu, an application is connected to the camera or microphone sending notification when it reaches will warn its users.

Of course Meizu, Flyme 9 will present its interface first in closed beta. 5 Mart willing as of Meiuzu 17 users will be included in the beta process. Later, the 16 series will also be involved in this process. If the stable version May will meet its users in the month. Unfortunately, his report is not good at updating. Meizu, If it keeps its promise, it’s quite a short time.

Meizu Flyme 9

Meizu announces Flyme for smart watches

The company plans to get involved in the growing wearable tech business. For this reason, with the new phone interface Flyme for watch was also announced. The operating system comes with fairly standard smartwatch features. These; Features such as activity tracking, sleep tracking, notifications, remote camera and media control. Details about the operating system will likely become clearer when the smart watch is introduced.

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