4 August 2021
Mercedes-Benz introduces electric SUV EQB

Mercedes-Benz introduces electric SUV EQB

Mercedes-Benz compact and electric SUV that first appeared on the company’s EV roadmap last year EQBHe introduced. The new model is the automaker’s EQCIt will be the first electric SUV it will put on sale in the USA after canceling its plans to sell in the country.

EQBcomes with a newly designed front end and an all-electric platform. Also, the new model company has GLB SUVIt draws attention with its resemblance to.

Narrower and more classic SUV: EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQB, fast EQSnarrower and more classic than SUV has the design. GLBUnlike the one, the new model features taillights, a solid grille and a rear light strip.

New model for dashboard and infotainment system, as most luxury electric vehicles these days Mercedes-Benz‘in MBUX will be launched with a pair of large screens powered by the system.

Mercedes-Benz EQSearlier this month 107.8 kWha massive battery pack of ‘and 478 thousand had released it with a range estimate.

However, the EQB is much smaller 66.5 kWh battery and significantly reduced 260 thousand WLPT It will come with its range. Additionally, Mercedes is reportedly working on a longer range version.

Mercedes’ new electric SUV for the first time China and Europewill be released in. Then the US model will be imported from Europe in 2022.

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