19 April 2021
'Message' feature to Instagram comments

‘Message’ feature to Instagram comments

One of the most popular social media apps in the world Instagram; It continues to test and offer new and better features so that its users can spend time on the platform without getting bored. One Twitter In the visual leaked by the user, Instagram’s comment It turned out that he went to innovation in his property.

It will be easier to DM a post shared on Instagram

Recently Instagram’sallows its users to post a direct message by commenting on a post; a new feature tested appeared.

Currently, under a comment, there are options for likes and comments. Twitter user Samarth In the tweet shared by; Instagram: comment posted a screenshot of the episode. In addition to the response option in the image, the popular social media platform “Message (Mesaj)” He shared that he offers another option called.


Instagram’s new feature

Instagram Although nothing has been revealed about this type of feature, other twett’te How this feature is used is shown. With the new feature, you can directly tap the message in Instagram posts and type what you want to say.

When you respond to the comment; “You replied to a comment on that username” the phrase is included. Likewise, when you comment to someone else, the other user is notified with a message that you reply, and they also Via DM can respond to you.


In the text of the shared image: “You have responded to the comment made by Pvass11 on your post.” The description is included.

When such a feature appears, you may be wondering why I can’t see it on my profile. The point is that Instagrambefore publishing it officially to check the public’s general reaction and whether the feature is appreciated by the public from different regions testing traits on a certain number of people.

Instagram when you think this feature is liked in the whole world It offers users simultaneously. Otherwise, the feature is disabled. So, this feature is for now in testing phase We can say that.

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