30 July 2021
meteor was seen more than once Turkey

meteor was seen more than once Turkey

On social media İstanbul and neighboring provinces meteor allegedly. Many citizens shared that they saw a green colored object in the sky via social media. Some citizens also wrote that the meteorite in question is heading west.

A photo of the meteorite, which was reported to be seen in Istanbul, was also shared. It is not certain whether the shared photo belongs to the object seen or not. However, the fact that many people depict it in green makes the image remarkable.

Meteorite in the skies of Istanbul

Many people shared the western direction for the meteor, which was reported on social media, especially around Istanbul. It is not yet known whether the meteor, which is also seen in cities such as Sakarya, Izmir and Balıkesir, fell somewhere or whether the air broke up. There are several images published about the meteor.

Yesterday evening the meteor was seen in some regions of Turkey and had been raised in social media. It is not known whether this meteorite also crashed or broke up in the sky. Making a statement on the subject last year, Prof. Dr. Osman Bektas, stated meteor falls can be seen from Turkey. Even as the calendar for meteor showers and Turkey may also transfer coincided with the meteorites take place in the northern hemisphere.

In the image below, it is seen that there is a meteorite over the Bosphorus.

The meteor can be seen in another image.

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