4 August 2021
Mi MIX Fold broke a sales record in a short time

Mi MIX Fold broke a sales record in a short time

Xiaomi first foldable smartphone Mi MIX Fold appeared on 30 March with. The device, which came to the shelves in the Chinese market for the first time yesterday, was met with great interest. According to the data announced by the company, a sales record was achieved far beyond what was expected within 1 minute.

The number of Mi MIX Fold sold as of the first day has not been announced for now. However, Xiaomi shared with the public the revenue from the first day thanks to this device.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone sold over 30 thousand

According to the data announced by Xiaomi, the company’s first foldable smartphone Mi MIX Fold within a minute 400 million Yuan made worth of sales. According to the current exchange rate, this figure is approximately 495 million TLcorresponds to. 12 thousand 999 yuan (about 16 thousand TL) Considering the high price of the device sold in exchange, Over 30 thousand signed the unit sales.

Mi MIX Fold

Mi MIX Fold broke a sales record.

Usually catches the attention of consumers with their affordable smartphones Xiaomitries to change this perception a little with its new devices. For the upper segment The brand, which started to produce relatively more expensive models, manages to appeal to almost every budget with its wide product range.

The international availability status of the Mi MIX Fold, which is currently only available for the Chinese market, has not been disclosed yet. Therefore, the device In Turkey Whether it will go on sale is also a question mark for now.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold features

8.1 inç AMOLED Mi MIX Fold with display, 6.52 inch It contains a second screen. 90 Hz model developed with refresh rate 2480 x 1860 piksel Full HD+ it offers resolution quality. HDR10+ and Dolby Vision The phone that offers support also quad speaker with system harman kardon includes audio technology.

Mi MIX Fold

Mi MIX Fold specifications

Your strength Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset phone 12 GB / 16 GB RAM while offering options; 256 GB / 512 GB internal storage it carries options. 5,020 mAh battery powered device 67W Includes fast charging support.

108 Megapixels Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, which comes with the main camera, 13 Megapixels ultra wide angle and 8 Megapixels Includes macro lens. Also on the device liquid lens designed with 3x with optical zoom 8 Megapixels the telephoto camera is remarkable. Company first image signal processor (ISP) touted Xiaomi Purge C1 It is also included in this device to take higher resolution pictures.

– Screen: 8.1 inches – 6.52 inches – AMOLED – 90 Hz – 2480 × 1860 pixels – HDR10 +
– Processor: Snapdragon 888
– RAM: 12 GB / 16 GB
– Storage: 256 GB / 512 GB
– Camera: 108 Megapixel wide angle lens – 13 Megapixel ultra wide angle lens – 8 Megapixel telephoto camera – 8 Megapixel macro camera
– Battery: 5,020 mAh – 67W fast charging

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