30 July 2021
Microsoft and LinkedIn explanation from Turkey game

Microsoft and LinkedIn explanation from Turkey game

Microsoft Turkey gave information about the online sector at a press conference held today, members of the press questions answered. Microsoft Turkey General Manager Levent Özbilgin from unprocessed data around the world, Why can not open data center in Turkey? He touched on many issues until the question.

LinkedIn entered into force on October 1 and “Social Media ActIt is among the responsible platforms within the scope of the Law No. 7253 “Amending the Law on Regulating Broadcasting on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts”.

Which operates under the Microsoft umbrella LinkedIn announced last month he would appoint representatives to Turkey. Stating that negotiations between the representative and the state are continuing, Microsoft stated that there is no negotiation on where to keep the data. Özbilgin used the following statements about the subject;

“Although the data center looks like a monolithic structure to people, it has a very common usage area. When it comes to a company like Microsoft, it is actively used in many areas from database scaling, Xbox games, LinkedIn and artificial intelligence. “

Cloud gaming service will jump into the age with 5G

Thanks to the agreement between Turkcell and NVIDIA Moving GeForce Now servers to our country And the players were very happy that the testing process started recently. Stating that Game Streaming technology is still at the beginning of the road and continues to develop, Microsoft stated that they are happy to take the first steps in our country, to offer the use of a similar solution in Turkey He expressed that he would push the limits.

To get the best experience when playing games over the cloud yHigh speeds and low pings is needed. Low latency and high speeds can be provided with fiber infrastructure, though, when the 5G technology available in Turkey things will become easier.

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