18 April 2021
Microsoft started a new test for free games

Microsoft started a new test for free games

Microsofthas begun testing the option to unsubscribe from Xbox Live Gold, which is required in multiplayer games for free-to-play games. Test done also Gold It includes making group chat free for non-subscribers.

The company as you remember at the beginning of the year Fortnite and that it will make some changes to avoid the need for Xbox Live Gold membership to play free-to-play games such as Apex Legends online.

Payback period for free games is closing

Microsoft has now started testing an update that makes this policy change possible. Moreover, as a surprise addition, group chat, Gold The fact that it is open to non-subscribers has been welcomed with enthusiasm by the players. Thanks to this update, all Xbox players are now your free games can enjoy.

Microsoft’a free multiplayer the decision to remove the payment requirement for games, scheduled in late January Live Gold It came when he reversed course on the price increase.

When the policy change goes live for everyone later this year, Microsoft is both Sony will make it compatible with Nintendo as well. Also when players want to play free games none “premium” He won’t have to subscribe to their multiplayer services.

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