19 April 2021
Microsoft takes a new step for Edge updates

Microsoft takes a new step for Edge updates

Microsoft will pair Chrome with more frequent Edge updates Browser, Edge 94 It goes through a four-week release cycle that starts with.Earlier this month, as part of a plan to release new features faster, Google announced that Chrome Chrome 94 announced that it will switch to this cycle with. So tThe seeker offers stable Chrome builds about every six weeks. Chrome and Edgeboth of Chromium is based on infrastructure Microsoft‘s adoption of the same program is considered a logical step.

Microsoft does not neglect its corporate customers

As part of the cycle, Microsoft stated that the four-week cycle may not be ideal for everyone. For this reason, enterprise customers will agree that Microsoft will release important Edge updates every eight weeks. Extended Stability will have the option.

YIne will also provide security updates every two weeks for those who choose this option.. On the other hand, Google will offer a similar Extended Stability option to its corporate customers.

Upcoming program change, Edge and ChromeIt aims to make it compatible with Firefox. As you remember, in Firefox, 2020It had entered a four-week release cycle earlier in the year.

How do you evaluate this move of Microsoft Edge?

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