30 July 2021
Microsoft Turkey announced plans for the coming period

Microsoft Turkey announced plans for the coming period

Microsoft General Manager Levent Özbilgin press conference held today unveiled the next term growth strategy of Microsoft Turkey in the meeting.

Microsoft: We Will Turkey’s Persuasion Power of Technology to Anyone

“Companies that invest in digital transformation, make sense of data and embrace innovation culture will be the architects of the new economy; There is an incredibly large market here. Companies that invest in innovative technologies such as the cloud are experiencing a 30 percent increase today.

The new General Manager of Microsoft Turkey as the biggest goal is to uncover the true potential of our customers and our country. Microsoft is not only engaged in sales in Turkey; By investing in Turkey want to bring into a growing enterprise with Turkey. To contribute to generating growth and added value to Turkey’s technology, it is actually meant to persuade Turkey to technology.

In other words, we want to convince everyone of the power of technology and its potential here, not with what we say, but with what we do. Be it cloud, hyper scale, cybersecurity, 5G or whatever. We need to be a country that builds its own local power on the technological solutions brought by global technology companies and adds strength to its competitive power with technology. For this, we must strengthen our technology muscles in every field. For this, we will focus on 5 areas ”


“With my observations abroad and more than 15 years of international experience in the IT sector, I can easily say that; technological developments are happening all over the world at the same time and at great speed, and these innovations can come from any geography. While interpreting Silicon Valley as the heart of information in the past, now many countries and companies can change trends with innovative solutions. Therefore, Every institution must increase its technological muscle strength to prepare for the future. This also has a clear formula: THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY: (New Technologies X New Competencies) Confidence.

In the future world shaped by digital transformation, the skills sought in human resources also differ. Distance education has been an extremely effective tool in competence building efforts. At the same time, it opened an important window of opportunity in terms of democratizing access to information and creating equal opportunities. We will increase the effectiveness of users while making new technologies available to individuals and institutions. In this field, we make serious contributions to individuals and organizations in areas such as AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing and machine learning through our “competence building” programs such as Cloud Society.


“Institutions that want to increase their technology power and reach a certain level of maturity in the age of digital transformation; It must rapidly adopt new technologies and develop its own digital capacity and competencies. In this context, we are working hard to adopt and use new technologies in production, retail, finance, telecom and public sectors. In particular, we guide both the industry and companies with the works we have implemented with MESS in the production sector, and the digital transformation projects we have triggered with major domestic manufacturers such as Arçelik, Brisa, Boyner and Borusan. We have efforts to broadcast the use of hyper-scaled clouds in the financial sector by certain institutions.

We will bring our investment funds in our critical cloud infrastructure solutions such as Azure to everyone. On the public side, our joint efforts and negotiations are continuing, especially with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Industry, for the safe use of digital transformation before the state and to strengthen the domestic software ecosystem. On the telecom side, we aim to make a difference with the power of 5G. The highlight of 5G is its high level of scalability (hyper scaling) and the new application ecosystem it provides. You know, there is talk of a digital transformation that has been spoken for years and only partially implemented. Communication and intelligence are essential to this digital transformation.

One of the main goals of 5G is to bring the intelligence of both the network and digital transformation applications as close to the users as possible. By sharing a normally monolithic, that is, only centrally operating network, over the cloud and bringing it closer to the user, it will now be possible to make all kinds of business applications and intelligence that were not possible before, much more effectively and effectively. In short, with 5G, we will open the network over the cloud and bring the technology closer to everyone by moving it to smart access points called ‘Edge’. We offer applications to be created with these technologies for the use of all businesses in the country in a safe and high performance manner.


“None of these products and services alone are sufficient for the healthy completion and development of digital transformation. Our formula for success has a very critical factor, which is trust. Trust is a parameter that is independent of time and its effect never changes. Technology works safely. We always say this. Just as we do not do business without relying on each other, we do not use a tool that we do not trust. We have to take two aspects of the concept of trust.

The first is to rely on the business model, the mission. As digital technology transforms every sector, reliable business partnerships that you can work shoulder to shoulder for common goals and come to you with the right solutions are very important. The second aspect of trust is ensuring that technologies are reliable. Protecting personal data, human privacy. We secure this valuable information, which is sacred to us, with an end-to-end cyber security approach. We will increase the awareness and awareness about security. Perhaps this is our approach rather than our technologies, which makes us a reliable business partner. The value of investments in this field will be felt even more in the coming years ”.


“When you look at the total IT market today, Microsoft contributes 63% of total IT employment. For every $ 1 Microsoft earns, partners earn $ 12.93. When we look at our cloud computing partners, we see that they earn 1.5 times more gross profit than traditional business partners. With the spread of cloud computing, we expect the profitability in the ecosystem to increase exponentially. We will increase our support to the billion dollar Turkish initiatives of the future.


We see that the most important key word of this period we are passing through is «change». Changing, developing, transforming… These have always been among the basic concepts of the technology world. However, we have never experienced such a big and such rapid change in such a short time. Especially with the impact of the pandemic, we changed almost instantly and permanently. We download technology from inaccessible shelves; We offer it to EVERYONE.

In summary, our road is long. However, our hand is just as strong. I believe that the unique potential of our country is an invaluable gem for the future of technology. With the rise of internet connectivity, mobile line usage and digital skills in growing markets, cloud and artificial intelligence issues are starting to move faster. Last year alone, Microsoft opened 4 new data centers in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to this, the Microsoft Technology Center in Turkey; In Kenya and Nigeria, the Development Center was opened, giving more people access to online tools and supporting local innovation. Turkey will consist of the establishment of a data center in case of a direct exchange of ideas with our stakeholders that we are in a constant height of the potential foreign investment in I want to say.

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