19 April 2021
Minecraft Dungeons March 24 update details

Minecraft Dungeons March 24 update details

Mojang The new game of the series developed by Minecraft Dungeons received a new update today. With the update, many changes have been made in performance, stability and gameplay. Bugs revealed by players’ feedback have been fixed. We have brought together all the innovations that came with the update, including all patch notes for you.

Performance and stability fixes

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons update

Many performance and stability issues were eliminated with the patch. These:

Xbox while playing on consoles 20-30 minutes Disconnection of the host after a session has been fixed.

– On all platforms that occur during the game crash issues fixed.

– The role of the players errors on the loading screen has disappeared.

Ancient Hunt while the screen is loading Nintendo SwitchThe crash that occurred in has been fixed. Thus, many problems on consoles were eliminated.

Changes in the gameplay part that came with the update

With the March 24 update, there have been many changes in the gameplay. These changes are:

Ancient Hunt The problem of equipment dropping in inaccessible positions during operation was fixed.

– “Last Chance”, Armor Life Support spell Equipping with will no longer increase health more than it should.

Ancient Hunt Fixed the issue of multiple mobs spawning while running.

– Several with various missions invisibility error fixed.

– Player Soul GatheringFixed the issue where some mobs did not drop soul even while owning.

Warped Forest, Redstone Mines and Creeper WoodsFixed quest progress blocking due to mismatched tiles in.

Environmental fire The issue of not causing damage to players has been resolved.

– Your players Crimson ForestThe problem of getting stuck at the entrance of the lower dungeon has disappeared.

– Even if the inventory is full, Ancient hunGold will always be a reward after completing t.

– After graphic settings change tissue problems in trees has disappeared.

User interface improvements

– ‘Session fullMenu not responding after warning ‘is turned off

– In the menus reading text a few problems with

– for several languages Ancient Hunt overlapping text on menus

– When a player is dropped during online multiplayer play, With the emergence of the gangs missing relevant texts

Cool Down explanation of his magic

– “SalvageTranslation of the word “in Korean

– After purchasing an item from a merchant missing power level graph Problems like this were fixed with this update. Thus, many interface problems that players complained about were eliminated.

As of March 24 Minecraft Dungeons Of course, the update to the game is not limited to these. So to look at the full notes for the patch in detail this to the link you can click. The Mojang team continues to update with the game without interruption.

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