18 April 2021
Ministers from Turkey Space Agency Varank sharing

Ministers from Turkey Space Agency Varank sharing

Turkey Space Agency, shared on Twitter for the first time in two years. The future is in the skies post sharing with tag Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank He supported with an interesting share. The minister quoted the Space Agency’s post: “Are you ready?” It increased the excitement with a share in the form of.

Turkey Space Agency Twitter sharing is pointing me a new breakthrough?

Turkey Space Agency (TUA) It completed its establishment in 2018. The agency was talk that Turkey gave weight to the working space. Last but not least President Erdogan, Turkey and countries in the region will serve a Satellite Launch Facility He gave the good news.

The meaning of this sharing has not been revealed yet. But Made by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank “Are you ready?” sharing, it can mean very soon will make a major breakthrough in Turkey in terms of space technologies. The date of February 9 is given in the short video shared. It is a matter of curiosity how we will be faced with a development on this date.

Rockets he had previously made the first trials of a rocket that reached the space limit for the first time. According to this 130 km for the rocket going up to altitude President Erdoğan:

“I want to give the good news that we will start the first space trials of the nationally developed liquid fuel rocket engine technology.

When our native satellite is launched into space, it will provide a safe flow of information to our country. Our first domestic rocket launched with national technologies exceeded the 130 km limit, exceeding the 100 km limit, which is accepted as the space limit. Thus, Turkey has taken its first steps into space with its own technology. We are now in the space league with domestic and national technologies. “ He made a statement in the form.

This sharing, Rockets It is a matter of curiosity whether it is related to the rocket that has been tried by. Turkey Space Agency by Twitter made over The future is in the skies How did you find the post? What do you think YOUR What kind of a surprise will it come up with?

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