4 August 2021
Ministry announced: Pay attention to these masks!

Ministry announced: Pay attention to these masks!

Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Servicesduring the pandemic 335 personal protective equipment announced that he was supervising. During the inspections carried out by the Ministry 41 unsafe products announced that he detected.

Ministry detected 41 unsafe masks in personal protective equipment inspection

Ministryidentifies the brand, model and serial numbers of these 41 masks that have been found to be unsafe. Unsafe Product Information System (GÜBİS) shared with the public. General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety announced that it carried out audit activities in order to ensure the supply of safe personal protective equipment to the market.

The Ministry stated the following in a written statement:

“We Will Be Followed By Those Who Mean The Health Of Our Citizens

The products whose samples were taken for suspicion of insecurity during the inspections were sent to the tests. The insecurity detections were made in accordance with the relevant standards in laboratories that are notified bodies in the field of respiratory protective equipment.

During the pandemic process, while our citizens and healthcare workers are not compromised in order to have access to appropriate and safe personal protective equipment, the ministry will continue to be a follower of people and companies who aim at the health of our citizens with the products they produce and cause unfair competition. “

use of masks

Unsafe products announced by the Ministry through GÜBİS are as follows:

– Safeguard – 2315 Model Ffp3v Nr

– Safeguard – 2313 Model Ffp2v Nr

– Safeguard – 2311 Model Ffp1v Nr

– Nez Mask

– Arizona – Kn 95

– Lc Waıkıkı – Lcw Mask Model Ffp3 / Order No: 652002

– DNA – 2934 Model Ffp3v

– Bozkurt-Bzk44 – (Ventilli- Ffp2-Nr)

– Bozkurt-Bzk44 – (Without Valve-Ffp2-Nr)

– Emr Natural – 1202 V (Ventilli, Ffp2v)

– Emr Natural – 1202 (Ventilsiz Ffp2)

– Wogi – Ffp2

– Say – 20532

– Temsan – Tm 34 V Ffp1

– Group Helin – 1120 Ffp2

– Ert Plus – 400 (Ffp3)

– Ert Plus – 300 (Ffp3 V)

– Ert Plus – Ert 200 (Ffp2)

– Ert Plus – Ert 100 (Ffp2 V)

– Wogi – Ffp2 V

– Hori – Ffp2 V

– Ares – Ares (Ffp2 V)

– Mist – No Brand Model

– Awon – Parties Dated 1200 / March 2020

– Awon – Parties Dated 1402 / March 2020

– Vip Mask – Ffp2 V

– Vip Mask – Ffp2

– Vip Mask – Ffp1 V

You too GÜBİS By entering the website you can view the list of unsafe products

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