6 August 2021
Ministry of Internal Affairs announced: Here are the measures for the month of Ramadan

Ministry of Internal Affairs announced: Here are the measures for the month of Ramadan

Ministry of Interior to the governorship of 81 provinces today Ramadan Measures Circular sent. According to the declaration In the month of ramadan Since some behaviors, activities and practices that have become traditional will increase social mobility, they pose a risk within the scope of combating the epidemic. In this context Monday, April 12, 2021 The measures that will start with the first tarawih to be made are listed.

Measures to be taken in Ramadan have been announced

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior via social media accounts today Ramadan Measures Circular published. Of the General Health Law Articles 27 and 72 in accordance with Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards Stating that the decisions will be taken urgently, the Ministry stated that there will not be any problems in practice.

1. Citizens’ collective participation Bringing crowded groups such as iftar and sahur together all kinds of events and to iftar tents will not be allowed. At this point, considering the high rate of domestic contamination in the spread of the epidemic in recent years, Not accepting guests for iftar or sahur Activities and announcements that will increase their awareness will be given importance.

In accordance with the announcement of the 2nd Directorate of Religious Affairs, this year, as in the previous year, performing tarawih prayers at home will be continued. On the other hand, in order not to increase the risk of the epidemic, it will be frequently announced to our citizens that it should not be gathered in various places, especially in homes, due to the tarawih prayer.

3. Regarding the sale of Ramadan pita and bread; May occur during and just before iftar hour during the month of Ramadan Prevention of the risk of pita tails and density including special order production in bakeries pita and bread production will end 1 hour before iftar and until iftar time only sales can be made. Production, sales and other preparations will continue in bakeries after iftar.

4. In order to pass the month of Ramadan in an environment of peace and security, each province will evaluate its own dynamics and considering the possible densities that may occur during this period, Necessary measures throughout the province will be taken.

5. With the month of Ramadan During the tomb visits a possible increase and the risk of crowds that may occur in this way, by authorized units. full implementation of physical distance rules Necessary measures will be taken, especially.

6.It may occur before iftar times traffic jam taking into account the necessary coordination with the municipalities from at least 3 hours before the iftar time. increasing the number of vehicles and voyages used in public transportation will be provided.

7. Intensifying during the month of Ramadan cemetery visits Entries and exits to the cemeteries will be planned separately in order to be done in a controlled manner, and the physical distance rule and controls regarding the use of masks will be emphasized.

8. Considering that the shopping intensity may increase before / during the month of Ramadan, markets and market places All kinds of measures will be taken to protect the physical distance conditions in areas where crowds may occur. In this context, as stated in the circulars previously sent to the provinces Determining the number of customers that can be accepted at the same time for each shopping mall and district market separately by the decision of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards. and audits will continue to be carried out accordingly.

9.By taking the month of Ramadan as an opportunity For companies / businesses that apply exorbitant prices inspections will be increased and necessary in case of contradictory situations. judicial / administrative procedures It will be done urgently.

10. In the month of Ramadan, which is also a social responsibility month with the feelings of compassion and compassion it contains, the necessary coordination between the relevant institutions will be provided by the Governors and District Governors. To all citizens in need, especially orphans / orphans Maximum effort will be made to provide all kinds of support.

11. In this process where we are all responsible to each other, keeping the rate of spread of the epidemic under control and reducing the number of daily cases across the country again Audit activities will be carried out in an effective, planned and continuous / uninterrupted manner with a wide participation within the framework of the dynamic audit model and the precautions taken and the rules determined for

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