14 April 2021
MIUI 12 interface is on the agenda with new problems

MIUI 12 interface is on the agenda with new problems

Xiaomi new interface MIUI 12.5 continues to continue its preparations without slowing down. Tested as a beta in China, this software will reach devices in a few months with its stable version. However, now users are MIUI 12 in rebellion because of its interface.

MIUI 12 is on the agenda with its new problems

Released last year MIUI 12Since the day it was released, it has come up with various mistakes. This interface, which has been complained especially about performance and battery, now continues to annoy with a different problem.

According to users’ reports, the latest updates have started to prevent the screen brightness from being adjusted manually. Especially fine-tuning in the control center Xiaomi, With the new update, the brightness setting has also been moved to the bottom. Here, moving the brightness setting to the lower section also prevented users from manually managing the screen brightness.


MIUI 12 latest update is annoying

Users who expressed that they had problems with the last update, to explain their troubles reddit and headed to forum pages like this. This error detected according to the reports; v12.0.3 with v12.0.8’e It stands out in versions up to. It was also mentioned here which models were definitely affected. In this context, most of the following phones cannot use the brightness adjustment manually:

Redmi Note 9S
– Mi Note 10
– Xiaomi Mi 9T
– Redmi Note 8

Currently Xiaomi is said to be working on these MIUI 12 errors. If there is no problem, these known problems will be eliminated with the new update.

So are you guys having problems with the last update? If there is an error you have detected, you can share it with us in the comments.

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