28 July 2021
Monster Hunter Rise release date announced

Monster Hunter Rise release date announced

Developed by Capcom Nintendo Switch The release date of the game Monster Hunter Rise has been announced. As in the previous game “Monster HunterYou can produce stronger armor and weapons with the pieces falling from them by killing monsters in this game you are in. Game, Nintendo Switch will be released in March. Monster Hunter Rise includes both some monsters from the previous game and newly designed monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on PC next year

Capcom, Rise’ın PC version stated that it is in the early stages of the development process. PC version 2022It is planned to be released in. IGNSpeaking to Rise producer Ryozo Tsujimoto“Fans want Rise on PC,” he stated. Tsujimoto didn’t mention any details about the PC version either.

Also, Tsujimoto said, “We received a lot of requests for the PC version of Rise, especially from players in Europe and North America, and therefore we aim to release in early 2022. We decided to improve the PC version” said. “I want to share more detailed information at the right time, as the game is still in the early stages of development,” he added.

Monster Hunter Rise, 26 Mart‘ta Nintendo SwitchHe will exit to.

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