5 August 2021
Moto G60 and G40 Fusion features revealed

Moto G60 and G40 Fusion features revealed

Motorola, April 20gives Moto G60 and Motorcycle G40Fusion will introduce the two. The company shared the features of the devices as the launch date approaches.

Recently Geekbench revealed in performance tests Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion ‘s features are confirmed by the poster shared by the company. In this way, the official information of the devices also became clear.

Moto G60 and G40 will have a 120Hz display

According to official information shared by Motorola Moto G60 and G40, Snapdragon 732G It will be powered by the chipset. Besides, on both devices 4G will have the link.

From this duo Moto G60, 6.8 inch in size 120Hz It will come with a display with a refresh rate. In addition, the device will support HDR 10 and will have today’s trendy perforated screen design.

Moto G60

Moto G60 official poster

G60, on the back 108 It will come with the main camera in megapixel resolution. In addition, the device has telephoto and ultra wide angle lenses. However, there is currently no clear information about the resolution of the auxiliary sensors.

On the other hand, the features of the G40 are G60 It will show similarity with. However, this phone will come with a main camera that is lower than the other. Moto G40 main camera 64 Megapixels will be in resolution. In addition, there will be two auxiliary sensors in the device.

Moto G40

Moto G40 Fusion officially posteri

Motorola, In the information shared by the devices AMOLED or LCD does not indicate that it will be equipped with a screen. However, when we look at the images, the fingerprint scanners of both phones are on the back. Therefore, the lack of fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen LCD It is the best proof that it will be supported by the screen.

Motorcycle G60 and G40 Fusion, 20 Nisan’da It will be launched and will first go on sale on Flipkart (e-commerce platform). However, it is currently unknown whether the devices will come to our country.

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