23 July 2021
MSFS 2020 presents Ever Given surprise

MSFS 2020 presents Ever Given surprise

While the coronavirus continues to be our main agenda, the whole world has Suez Canaltalking. While the cargo ship named Ever Given has blocked the canal and the canal has been closed for 5 days, it has already caused billions of dollars in damage, and there is no clear date for the opening of the canal.

The prices of some products, especially toilet paper, are expected to increase as the ships cannot switch. To this day to save the 400 meter long Ever Given More than 27,000 cubic meters of sand was excavated and the water reached 18 meters deep specified.

In addition to the dry cargo ships, especially the oil tankers are waiting for the opening of the canal, causing the financial damage to grow like an avalanche day by day.

Ever Given ship transferred to MSFS 2020

When it comes to transferring the events in daily life to games (game modding), it is often thought of Grand Theft Auto serisi is coming. This time with its graphics for a long time, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020A surprise came from.

Located on the side of the ship and its “Evergreen”Has become so iconic that MSFS dates back to 2020. Thanks to the mod prepared by a developer, the ship was transferred to the game.

When we review the video shared on TikTokWhile flying over the Suez Canal We can see the ship clearly. The person who developed the mod managed to convey the ship in a realistic way.

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