22 April 2021
MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight mouse inceleme

MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight mouse inceleme

Standing out with gaming computers and player equipment MSI brand, lightness and durability We examined the mouse that stands out with. MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Mouse inceleme In our video, we focused on all the details of the device.

Also, MSI has this gaming mouse, just like most of its competitors RGB we see the themed design. Users can change the RGB theme of the mouse as they wish.

Gaming gun weighing 65 grams: MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight

MSI’s gaming mouse has many ambitious features. However, the first striking point among these features is the weight. Device 65 gram weighs and hence its users more easy mobility giving.

Of the mouse faster and easy Another feature that makes it move is that it has 16.00 DPI is the value. DPI value refers to the sensitivity of mouse movement. Therefore, the higher the value, the more pixels the mouse will travel with less movement.

Another standout among the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight mouse features durability is happening. Mouse lifetime ’60 million clicks’ as MSI’s warranty is below. However, this does not mean that the device will deteriorate after 60 million clicks. You can probably use the product more.

On the other hand, the mouse also includes the basic features that players expect. These features; 1 ms response timeRGB theme on mouse Customization of the keys is happening.

You can see information about the experience of the device in our video. You can also share your comments about the MSI gaming mouse with us.

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