30 July 2021
Mustang Mach-E model vehicles are experiencing software errors!

Mustang Mach-E model vehicles are experiencing software errors!

Aiming to increase its growth in the electric vehicle market day by day Ford, Some Mustang Mach-E model electric vehicles software is having a problem. The company will check the number of vehicles affected by the problem did not confirm.

Battery of Mustang Mach-E vehicles is problematic

SlashGear‘in to your newsaccording to some Mach-E model vehicle owners, even if the battery pack is full, SUV’reported that s not working. Reports reveal that some older versions of electric vehicles have a problem with how the smaller 12-volt battery inside the vehicle is charged. Because it takes a small amount of power from the larger lithium-ion battery pack that pushes the vehicle, Mach-E, It has a 12 volt lead battery.


It was stated that the situation was a special problem for electric vehicle users living in cold weather regions. Ford to get power from the grid during warming in cold weather regions. Mach-EHe suggested leaving his’ s plugged in.

Mach-E‘nin 12 volt battery powers multiple systems in the vehicle, and if it dies, the vehicle becomes completely inoperable. When the problem occurs, vehicle owners, FordPass He informed the app that their vehicle was in deep sleep mode. The firm confirmed the incident in a technical service bulletin submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which said the problem was related to the software in the powertrain control module.

The technical service bulletin in question is February 3produced in or before Mach-E SUVHe stated that it affected the ‘s. While Ford does not confirm how many of the electric vehicles were affected by the incident, it is only about 7000 stated that the problem was seen in a small part of the vehicle. Stating that the incident could not be fixed with a wireless patch, the company stated that the vehicles should receive technical service for repair.

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