5 August 2021
NASA delayed flight of Mars helicopter Ingenuity

NASA delayed flight of Mars helicopter Ingenuity

NASA, Mars helicopters Ingenuityflight of 14 April‘a delayed. The flight was delayed due to an error in the pre-flight test of the vehicle. Ingenuity 1April 4will wait for the next test on the surface of Mars. The helicopter’s propellers per minute 2,400 cycles The error encountered while returning with may be due to a command.

Engineers are still reviewing data from Ingenuity

Engineers are still reviewing the data they got during testing. NASA officials April 10‚ÄúDuring the high speed rotation test of the rotors on Friday, it ended due to a glitch in the script controlling the test. This error in the script will make the flight computer ‘before flightfrom ‘mod’FlightIt appeared while trying to put it into ‘mode. “The helicopter transmitted all the data to the world without getting damaged,” he said.

When the engineers first positioned the helicopter, they performed a small test. With this test, the propellers are 50 cycles returned with. April 9In the test that took place in, the propellers were rotated at full speed and the test was canceled before it was completed due to an error in the script. If everything goes well in the next test Ingenuity can fly.

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