23 July 2021
NASA Insight vehicle records two new Mars earthquakes

NASA Insight vehicle records two new Mars earthquakes

NASA, Perseverance continues to do research on the planet outside of it. In this sense, those who continue the mission of the planet InSight two new Mars earthquake noted. Do these earthquakes, detected in March, indicate that Mars is still active?

Mars earthquake not recorded for the first time

InSight tool 7 March and 18 March two new in history Mars earthquake noted. Mars Cerberus Fossae The mild earthquakes of 3.3 and 3.1 magnitude in the region named “” sparked the debate about the active planet.

Seismic spacecrafthas recorded a total of 450 earthquakes since it landed on the planet in 2018. With these two new earthquakes, this number increased to 452. Scientists also take into account the possibility that these tremors could be a meteor strike. However, the research area of ​​the seismic vehicle weakens this possibility.

Cerberus Fossae called this area, consists of steep cliffs where old volcanic plains intersect. InSight The vehicle also found evidence of previous landslides in this area. According to scientists, the volcanic history of the field may bear clues about the core of the planet Mars.

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NASA sent Insight vehicle to Mars in 2018

NASA has not recorded over 4 earthquakes on the planet so far. Scientists think that earthquakes that take place will not harm research.

US space agency, manned Mars mission is also making preparations for. Actually Perseverance tool It is also an important preparation for these tasks. Former US President Trump had not agreed to allocate funds for NASA duties in his early years. On the other hand, NASA, which solved the problems with the Trump administration in a short time, took an important step with Perseverance. To completely solve the structure of Mars with NASA new vehicle and Mars mission plans to create an infrastructure for

Mars is also among the cornerstones of humanity’s search for a habitable planet outside of the earth. Outside NASA China, Russia, India countries like Mars took action for Mars. China sent to Mars Tienvın-1 the vehicle will be the first vehicle to land on Mars outside of NASA.

Sent by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Hope tool is the first orbital vehicle sent to Mars by a Muslim principle. The mission carried out by the UAE with its own means and with its own scientists has made a reputation in the world.

It takes place in the space race in Turkey

In February, Turkey declared National Space Program He will take his place in the space race with. According to this program, on the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, a hard landing will take place on the lunar surface with international cooperation. Turkey, which will produce its national communications satellite, also plans to make preparations for the first manned mission.

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