18 April 2021
NASA: Mars' secret may be in Lake Salda

NASA: Mars’ secret may be in Lake Salda

Perseverance who landed the spacecraft on planet Mars NASAsigns of life sought on the red planet Salda Lake compares it with the data they gathered from the edge. This expression that excites the world, NASA’s deputy director of science It was used by.

The spacecraft is landing Mineral and rock structure found in Jezero Crater draws attention. As NASA emphasized before, these examples are believed to be identical to those on earth. Located in Salt Lake in the southwest of Turkey, to samples of sediment found on the red planet it contains very similar substances. For this, the space agency takes advantage of the deposits it receives from Salda while searching for a life trace on Mars.

Salda Lake could brighten the search for life on Mars

Data collected in Salda Lake, fossilized traces of microbial life It can shed light on the scientists who research it. Thomas Zurbechen, NASA’s deputy director of science, Reuters’e He gave an interview on this subject. Authorized Use the following statement in an interview eyes turned to Turkey:

Salda serves as a powerful analogy that we can learn from and question ourselves.

Salda Lake

Thomas Zurbuchen believes that Salda can help us find answers to many issues that we can learn and question. Perseverance He explained that when evidence is found by his vehicle, he will go to Salda and compare the findings. That you are very happy to have such a lake voicing Swiss astrophysicist, Turkey Mars 2020 is positioning itself at a critical point in the project. Zurbechen only Similarities between Salda Lake and Mars not, the differences are also very important says.

Scientists’ eyes are now turned to the Perseverance spacecraft’s collection of findings that can make further comparisons with Lake Salda. Any conclusions from here will be judged by the findings at Salda.

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