30 July 2021
NASA releases video of Perseverance landing on Mars

NASA releases video of Perseverance landing on Mars

NASA‘s MarsHis last mission in Turkey continues successfully. Last week Perseverance The agency, which published photos of the safe landing of the land, has now shared images of the critical moments of the landing.

Discovery area expands day by day at Jezero Crater

Images of Perseverance from the surface seven miles it starts when you are above. Also, the video shows the heat shield that protects the rover as he enters the Martian atmosphere.

Speaking about the mission, NASA’s deputy Steve Jurczyk said, “For those wondering how to land on Mars or why it’s so difficult or how cool it would be to do it, look no further. The mission is just beginning and has already provided some of the most iconic visuals in the history of space exploration. It reinforces the extraordinary level of engineering and precision required to build a vehicle and fly it to the Red Planet. said.

The rover was also able to capture the first recording of sounds from Mars. Although the microphone did not pick up any sound during landing, the traveler 20 Februarytransmitted in 60 seconds one recording contains a few seconds of breeze.

In addition, NASA is Perseverance ‘in Craters LakeLive broadcast a briefing in which they discussed videos and footage captured in the first few days. Also the agency 23 tie including more images from the discovery tool so far 30GBHe stated that he collected more data.

The traveler is in the crater, a river lake, in ancient microbial will seek the signs of the traveler of life. The mission will collect samples when there are promising places to drill. Also your plan 2026Let us point out that there is another task in bringing the samples back to the world.

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