21 April 2021
NASA takes an important step for Mars project

NASA takes an important step for Mars project

Responsible for the US space program work NASA, Perseverance Rover by means of Mars 2020 project It can successfully analyze the rock and soil samples collected within the scope of the project. However, it turned out that NASA is a more ambitious initiative in this regard. An agreement was made on bringing the samples taken to Earth.

After a six-and-a-half month journey, he weighs about a ton Rover type spacecraft NASA, which landed on Mars with Perseverance, continues to work without slowing down. While the controls of the team on Mars are largely completed, the search for traces of life on the red planet continues.

NASA will bring sample pieces from Mars to Earth

Perseverance tool Lake Kateriand will look for signs of life in the area over the next few years. Rock fragments and similar materials found by the team, specially prepared hyper-sterile containers Thanks to it, it will be stored in a protected way. It is known that these parts, which will be placed in tubes at the next stage, will be brought to Earth for comprehensive research.

Mars Sample Return Mission called On the return mission from Mars A second spacecraft is planned to be sent. After landing on the planet Perseverance The vehicle, which will meet with, will leave Mars’ orbit and return to Earth again after receiving the samples.


In order to realize this flight, NASA, Northrop Grumman with 84.5 million dollars announced that he signed a contract in return. It will serve to power the vehicle to be sent to Mars Mars Ascent Propulsion System (MAPS) Will be operational with the support of Grumman.

According to the plans, the spaceship that will take rock samples will be launched in 2026 and will land on the surface of Mars in 2028. It is thought that it will take 2031 for these samples to be brought to the world. However, it may be possible that various changes were made on these dates in the future.

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