21 April 2021
Netflix has made a raise Turkey: swayed by social media

Netflix has made a raise Turkey: swayed by social media

Popular content platform Netflix hikes Turkey made the decision and prices Significantly rose up. Netflix’s most affordable subscription plan 26,99 TL happened. Before the raise for this plan 17,99 TL had to pay.

On the other hand, the raise made by the platform, on social media also found an echo. While many users stated that they were uncomfortable with the raise, some made funny posts about the situation.

Netflix was decided to raise the social media agenda in Turkey

After the decision of Netflix, which has three different subscription plans, the price of all subscriptions increased. Is 17.99 TL Basic Plan namely single screen package 26.99 TLto 29.99 Standart Plan namely the two-screen plan 40.99 TLfrom 41.99 TL Special Plan so if the package with 4 screens and UHD 54.99 TLrose to.

Netflix hikes Turkey If the development of social media did not remain silent. Users reacted to this decision on Twitter. #NetflixTurkiye Its hashtag has become the most talked about item on Twitter. You can see some of the shares below.

Netflix Turkey’s decision not surprise hike

Turkey also raise prices for digital content platform surprise did not happen. Because the firm has been Europe He also decided to raise for. Therefore, in this case to Turkey it was also expected to reflection.

In addition, Netflix hikes prices following a decision by Turkey 4 Mart will be valid as of. On the other hand, the new prices from here You can examine it in detail.

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