28 July 2021
Netflix plans to increase the number of original content

Netflix plans to increase the number of original content

Netflixis a service preferred by many users with the content it produces for the platform and the third party movies it publishes on its own platform. In the Covid-19 epidemic, most users frequently preferred Netflix to watch movies and series. Netflix, which stands out especially with the productions in our country, will spend more money for its own TV series, movies and documentaries this year. Netflix this year 207.640.000 reached the number of subscribers. The biggest reason for this number Covid-19 there was an epidemic.

Netflix has allocated $ 17 billion for original content this year

To Netflix during the Covid-19 outbreak 25 million more users subscribed. With this number, Netflix compared to the previous year 13.6 percent recorded a growth. 13.6 percent growth to Netflix in the first quarter of 2021 Made 7 billion dollars. While there was an increase in the company’s profits and subscribers in the first quarter, 2021 second quarter It is static for Netflix. Netflix this year 208.600.000 to the number of subscribers He predicts that he will reach. The company added original content for 2021. It has allocated a budget of 17 billion dollars.

Netflix original content

Netflix is ​​going to spend a lot of money on new content. Brazil and India Except, the shooting of all Netflix productions in the world has resumed. On Netflix in 2021 There will be more original content than the previous year. Netflix’s upcoming There is not much information about their original content. After the investor meeting to be held within Netflix, it can be announced what the original content will be.

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