1 August 2021
Netflix virus FlixOnline is stealing your credit card information

Netflix virus FlixOnline is stealing your credit card information

Claiming to give users free subscriptions due to COVID-19 Netflix virus appeared. Malware that can access your WhatsApp account remotely takes over your phone if it can access the necessary permissions. The virus, which also mimics the authorization to send messages from WhatsApp to numbers in your phonebook, via a form that it asks you to fill out. your credit card information knocking.

Netflix copy do not download this app!

Check Point Malware discovered by researchers affiliated with his team, FlixOnline called. Himself Like netflix The operating logic of the malware that shows is as follows:

FlixOnline asks for three permissions from the user after it is installed; screen overlay, turn off battery optimization and access notifications. Malware that creates fake entries using the screen overlay permission, generating fake windows on applications user credentials can play

netflix virus

Netflix virus: FlixOnline

FlixOnline, which can read messages from WhatsApp thanks to its notification permission, to your contacts automatically sends the following message:

“Due to Quarantine (CORONA VIRUS) Free 2 Months Netflix Premium Free. Get 2 Months of Free Netflix Premium anywhere in the world for 60 days. Get it HERE now: https: // bit[.]Ly / 3bDmzUw ”

Those who click on the link in the message are greeted by a form created by the attackers. FlixOnline tells its target person to fill out this form to get a free two-month Netflix subscription. At this point, all the credit card information provided by the victim into the hands of malicious people passing.

Google removed the virus from Play Store

Aviran Huzum, a Check Point Software spokesperson, said that FlixOnline’s phishing attack is a new malware method. Your software Has been removed from the Play Store added, Huzum made the following statement:

“The malware’s technique is new and innovative. It captures the WhatsApp account of the users by intercepting the notifications. also Via Notification Manager It takes pre-defined actions such as ‘close’ or ‘reply’. Your malware is that easy concealment And, ultimately, the ability to bypass the Play Store’s guards reveals some serious red flags. “

Aviran Huzum, this malware, Play Store’s built-in protections your distrust He said he put it out. He stated that Google could not detect threats in this application with automatic tools. Adding that they can stop the activity of the software, Huzum, in the future, by hiding itself through a different application that he could return also warned users about.

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