30 July 2021
New decision for Donald Trump's social media accounts

New decision for Donald Trump’s social media accounts

Donald Trump after losing the election on social media He made many statements. Acting fast on this FacebookTrump’s account for provocative reasons suspended. After Facebook Instagramgave the same reaction. But Trump’s social media accounts later active again were. Facebook Surveillance Board on Trump’s social media accounts final decision will give.

He suspended Trump’s account indefinitely on Twitter, one of the social media platforms.

Facebook Supervisory Board postpones Donald Trump ban

On January 7 the old president Trump’s Facebok suspended the account on the grounds that he was playing a provocateur in the demonstrations. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg About the subject, “We believe the risks are enormous in letting the president continue to use our service during this period.” made the explanation. However, Facebook will later to be active again he decided.

Facebook founded Supervisory Boardcompletely independently United States of Americaevents and Facebook’s his steps against events He stated that he was following it closely. The Supervisory Board, on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram indefinitely He will make a decision whether to ban or not.

Facebook Supervisory Board made the decision in its posts on that it will be delayed for a few weeks told. The reason for postponement is related to the issue in the public 9,000 More comments than. All your comments It should be examined in detail indicating that the board about the subject more information He said he would share.

What did other social media platforms do?

On January 6 US Capitol rebellion Twitter then permanently banned Donald Trump’s account. Twitter CFO Ned Segal, former President Donald Trump at any time in the future He said he wouldn’t return to Twitter. This decision made by Twitter, Donald Trump Even if he is nominated again will be valid.

Donald Trump social media

Platforms taking action against Trump Twitter, Facebook and Instagram not limited to. One Discord moderatorHad decided to shut down the server on which Donald Trump was supported. Social media platform supported by Donald Trump at Google Speakremoved from Play Store.

After all these events, Donald Trump, own social media platform He stated that he was thinking of installing.

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