30 July 2021
New development about Galaxy Z Fold 3- ShiftDelete.Net

New development about Galaxy Z Fold 3- ShiftDelete.Net

Samsung continues to work on the new foldable phone without slowing down. What users are eagerly waiting for Galaxy Z Fold 3, now comes to light with new details.

According to allegations Galaxy Z Fold 3will be the first flagship to use under-screen camera technology. Resources were used for the device that previously held this title. Mi Mix 4 He had suggested that he would. But according to reports, Samsung is acting faster than Xiaomi. After Samsung and Xiaomi ZTE Axon 30 Pro we will see the model.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s first under-screen camera phone

According to the latest reports Z Fold 3 will be released within the next two months. Therefore, this release date claim indicates that the device in question will arrive earlier than Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 4 model.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold will be available on May 3 or June.

Z Fold 3 with foldable screen; It will also include the next generation under-screen camera technology. The size of this screen will be smaller than the previous Z Fold 2 model. According to the reports, the device; With 7.6 inch internal display the future. However, there is no exact information about the size of the secondary screen.

on the other hand Samsungwill not just make the screen smaller. It will also reduce the battery capacity accordingly. The company’s new generation foldable phone, 4.380 mAh It will appear with the battery. The battery of the previous model was 4.500 mAh.

In terms of design, there will be no visible difference. Z Fold 3will continue the look of the previous generation. However, the device is in the camera module Galaxy S21It will have a similar configuration to.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with camera array similar to S21

Samsung will prefer UTG cam

South Korean company in its new generation foldable phone UTG will use glass. This screen, which is safer than previous models in terms of durability, also S-Pen It will contain the pen.

Thanks to this, Samsung, Note series specific S-Pen will also have integrated the pen into a foldable phone for the first time. At the same time, the company UTG It plans to bring the glass to other models it will launch in the future. Thus, it will be possible for more devices to support the S-Pen.

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